Origins Series


The egg is one of the most fascinating and in itself most complete forms out there. It is an example of ultimate perfection produced by nature.

The origins of the egg go back many hundreds of millions of years. Evolutionary they are our predecessors. 310 million years ago the egg formed its hard shell (the amniotic egg). This paved the way for land-based life like vertebrates, which mankind is a direct consequence of.

So you could see the egg as a time capsule that brings us back to the origins of life here on earth.

The egg in the series "origins" is the mother form of things. These eggs, like the ground under our feet, are made of clay. In the shell of the eggs I carved texts and drawings. They refer to the human capacity for creation. This same ability now enables us to create artificial life.


"Origins" is a visual quest for how our incessant urge to create relates to our biological origin.